YinYang Needling

Become a Qualified Practitioner in 15 months

What is YinYang Needling?

YinYang Needling is the original ancient art from which all forms of acupuncture were derived.
Created over 2,500 years ago. 

Today you can learn this incredible medicine, completely online, from anywhere in the world.

YinYang Needling is taught the old way

Handed down from Master to Student

This course has been designed to be easily understood by compassionate people with no former experience in healthcare or medicine.

What will I learn?

You will Learn:

1. Ancient YinYang Sciences 
2. Diagnosis to form Treatments 
3. Original Chi Needling Skills 
4. Patient Management & Conduct 
5. How to Setup & Run your own Clinic

Main Areas of Proficiency

Lung Respiratory
Asthma, Bronchitis, Flu, Cough, Cold, Mucus.

Head Energy
Migraine, Headache, Dizziness, Fainting, Hearing, Tinnitus.

Mental Emotional
Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Shock, Fear, Sadness, Amnesia.

Blood pressure, Palpitation, Circulation.

Long Term & Hereditary
Oedema, Sweating, Trembling, Inherent weaknesses.

Fatigue, Lethargy, Insomnia.

Stomach ache, Constipation, Diarrhea, Nausea, Indigestion, Ulcers. 

Urine retention, Incontinence, UTI, Bladder problems. 

Food, Animal, Seasonal, Hay fever, Skin, Itchy-eyes.

The Five Ancient Sciences

You will gain a good understanding of the ancient sciences

These five sciences are foundational tools which empower you as a practitioner to treat both simple and complex conditions.

They form the basis of all our diagnosis and treatments, considering each and every case as a unique set of imbalances, making every treatment highly personalized and focused for the patient’s condition. 

You will learn how to use these sciences to:
1.   Form your questioning, so that you get relevant information back from your patient;
2.  Select the best points to needle, and the most effective order to insert the needles;
3.  Stimulate the needles in groups, pertaining to the patient's current condition;
4.  Determine, in real-time, the optimum duration of each treatment;
5.  Calculate how many days until the next treatment;
6.  Know how many more treatments are required.

Equipping you with the skills to approach cases from many different angles, and easily cross reference your diagnosis and treatments to achieve high levels of success, even with challenging conditions. 

We teach the old way...  Non-formal

The teaching method can be described as an “outpouring of practical knowledge”; And the learning could be described as the “absorption” of a body of ideas, gained from lessons that can be learned in any order.

The subjects are strictly old school “YinYang Science” based, which branch out into using: Four Radicals, Six Divisions, Five Elements and Nine Rationales, as well as other ancient natural sciences.  This course has NO lessons on Western sciences such as: Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry or Chemistry, and Pathology. 

Equally, this course also does NOT contain any mystical, spiritual, or Eastern religious elements.  All aspects of the course are designed to produce practitioners who are highly practical and logical, basing their diagnosis and treatments on real cause and effect. 

YinYang Needling is a comprehensive therapy.  One that you will need to dedicate time to learn and understand – time to think about, for you to get the right sense and feel, in order to become a successful practitioner. 

Who is this course for?

Have you ever dreamed of being a GREAT health practitioner?
Are you a school leaver, looking for an EXCITING career opportunity in natural medicine?

Are you a healthcare professional, wanting to EXPAND your capabilities?

Do you LOVE ancient philosophy and natural sciences?

And, are you a loving CARING person, who enjoys making a real difference to the health and wellbeing of those around you?

Then YinYang Needling is for you...

Details on how to join are at the bottom of this page

How easy is it?

This is a non-academic course

YinYang Needling is taught the traditional way as a hands on craft. 

If you can drive a car or ride a bicycle safley in traffic, and you have 4-5 hours a week to study, then you are more than capable of becoming a successful YinYang Needler. 

This course is designed so that it can be easily understood by people without any experience in healthcare or medicine. It is well within the reach of anyone who has a genuine interest in helping others – all you need is common sense, compassion and dedication.

Existing Practitioners

However, practitioners with existing skills in natural therapies (including acupuncturists) as well as doctors and nurses of western medicine are all welcome, as YinYang Needling will provide you with high levels of holistic understanding, diagnosis and treatment for your patients.

Our school has many graduates, who have patients with great stories to tell… Here is one.

Student Testimonials

I learnt YinYang Needing 35 years ago; And, I have treated over 50,000 patients... 
I started out as an acupuncturist, which I loved. Later I became a board member of the Acupuncture College that I attended. So, I have had a lot of experience in TCM and Acupuncture. 

Initially, I had hoped that I would have learned more about how to diagnose and treat using the ancient sciences.  I felt my course contained too many unrelated subjects that were not relevant to traditional Acupuncture. 

Although I was a qualified acupuncturist, to tell you the truth, in many respects I was struggling to treat anything beyond symptomatic treatments.

Then I learned YinYang Needling. Wow, what a difference. YinYang Needling and Acupuncture are miles apart.  The sciences in YinYang Needling make my treatments so much more powerful.  Immediately, I knew how to approach any particular disease or problem or injury that anyone could throw at me. 

I have been a YinYang Needler now for 35 years. I have treated over 50,000 people and to tell you the truth, I have enjoyed every day of it, and I still enjoy it. 

I am 76 now, I am supposed to have retired ages ago. But when I come out of a days work treating people, I still enjoy going over the successes that I have had with the patients, and the effects that I have had, and the lives I have changed. 

I am so happy to see so many young people coming through the school. They are getting to learn the true Ancient Sciences and YinYang Needling, the origins before Acupuncture. They don’t have to sort through all the rubbish like I had to when I was learning Acupuncture. They get all the good stuff straight away, and they don’t even know how good the information is that they are learning, and for a quarter of the price.

I wish I had started with YinYang Needling, but I feel very fortunate to have found YinYang Needling. 

I left university and learned YinYang Needling... 
I became increasingly unmotivated with university.  I had to force myself to attend classes that I didn’t enjoy at all.  I was looking for ways I could get out of university without just completely dropping out and not having any back up plans, and that’s when I found YinYang Needling.

There were a lot of different kinds of people in the class. Young people like me who had no experience in natural healing fields, and other people who had a lot of experience, such as dry needling, massage therapy, kinesiology, physiotherapists, and acupuncturists, and western doctors and nurses. It was really amazing seeing how enthusiastic they all were. That was a huge credential in my mind.

This course has given me a lot of self-confidence.  It has definitely changed my life a lot.  I feel so much more positive about my future.  It doesn’t seem uncertain at all anymore. 

My parents are very happy with me doing YinYang Needling.  It has given them a lot of comfort knowing that I am doing something positive with my life. 

And later, when I have a family, which I really want, I will be able to do it as a part time thing and just work from home.  I want to have a job that will allow me to live my own life without having to sacrifice all my time and energy.

I was one of the first online students... 
I originally trained as a beauty therapist and I was working overseas, living a grand life.  However, I always knew when I came back that I wanted to be more than just a beauty therapist. 

Before I did this course I didn’t realise just how much I was going to be able to help people with their health.  I knew it was going to be great, but I didn’t realise in the grand scheme of things the extent of just how great it is. 

Treating patients for the very first time, obviously I was a little bit nervous, so I just started treating as many friends and family as I could that would let me start sticking pins in them.

Before I knew it I was treating someone for sciatica and it went away in one treatment.  And then I treated someone for urinary tract infection and that went away in one treatment, and then I had clients and patients at my door before I even started advertising. 

I definitely see this as a long term career.  It is something that I will be happy doing until I am a little old lady and I can physically put pins in people and diagnose people. 

I am now the happiest in my career that I have ever been.

Opportunities to speak with former students 
will be made available to you before you join  

Our History

40 years   (1980  to  2020)

Our History Since 1980

Since 1980 our little school has been successfully teaching the original art of YinYang Needling, and other YinYang Natural Therapies (as well as modern Acupuncture) and YinYang Sciences to thousands of students, face-to-face in our classrooms in Australia and New Zealand.

Many of our qualified students have gone on to open up their own professional practices or home clinics, as their primary or secondary source of income, some of whom have treated well over 20,000 patients.

However, today, in order to deliver our YinYang Needling course internationally, we have taken our proven face-to-face classroom course, and restructured it so that it can be learnt completely online - using modern technologies.

Teaching an ancient art that is traditionally handed down from master to student, so that it can be learned totally online from anywhere in the world, without losing any of its authenticity ...this is a GREAT first for us.

The YYN “Pre-Alpha” Trials 2016-2017

Throughout 2016 - 2017 the Pre-Alpha YinYang Needling Course (which was not open to the public) was taught around our dining room table, to a small group of eight very different students, with whom we rehearsed teaching the entire course different ways, imagining we only had the internet to deliver each aspect of the course. 

The eight Pre-Alpha students were selected for their interest, personality, flexibility; and ability to contibute and support the evolving changes required to reformat the whole course so that it could be better learnt, through video lessons and classes delivered 100% online. 

We weren't professional videographers and we had no previous experience delivering a course of this magnitude online. We had to learn what cameras, lighting and sound equipment to buy. We had to build a home studio and set up a classroom in our home, suitable for filming in depth lessons and live streaming classes. 

We ended the Pre-Alpha period proud of what we had created, and excited at the thought of people being able to access and learn our course from anywhere in the world.

The YYN “Alpha” Trials

We taught the YinYang Needling “Alpha Course” to 40 people

2018 - 2019 was our great transition period.  The goal was to have 36 students.  Approximately one third to learn the new course face-to-face in our home classroom, which we live streamed; Another third to learn 50% of their lessons in our classroom and 50% online; and another third to learn 100% online. 

We structured the homework and assignments in such a way so that we could measure each group's progress at every step to see if there was any significant difference in their ability to understand the sciences, and how to correctly treat different conditions. And, to our surprise, we found that the people who learnt online actually learnt better, especially when it came to point location and needling technique. The more digital lessons they completed the better they understood each subject. And, they loved it.

People who did this course ranged from 17 to 70 years old. They included: fishermen, chiropractors, housewives, and business owners, school teachers, farmers, acupuncturists, Uber drivers, Harley Davidson motorcycle salesmen, nurses, beauticians, community workers, counsellors, and school leavers.

The Alpha Course was successfully taught online in diverse places around the world, including: USA, England, Europe, Israel, Canada, South America, Turkey, Bali, Thailand, New Zealand, and here in Australia. 

By the end of the Alpha Trials, all our students were able to learn 100% online.

2020 - The Current YYN Course

Then in November 2019
The course moved into “Beta-1 Stage” 
which is 100% online

And today, in our current Beta-1 Stage, we are in the process of further improving the course delivery; reshooting video content; refining and streamlining the lessons; in order for us to move towards “Moodle”, which will be our new online learning platform.

Our goal is to deliver the greatest course in the best way we possibly can.
And we invite you to join us, to learn YYN during our Beta Stage.

While the entire course is complete, and is able to be successfully learned online, it is still in its “early Beta Stage.” And, as with any Beta stage, it is not a polished product.  There may be some bugs or processes which require fixes or alterations, and some aspects of the course may change as we move closer towards its official release on Moodle.

This is why we offer Beta-1 access at a greatly reduced price.

NOTE: All students who join during the Beta stages will have an additional 15 months of FREE access to the finished course upon its official release.

ONLINE learning benefits

Self-paced learning: The great thing about having the lessons available online is that you can watch them whenever you want to and study at your convenience.  You will have access to these lessons 24/7, so you can study and learn whenever it suits you, from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you have access to the internet.

Graduation Certificate

Upon graduation you will receive a certificate as a YinYang Needling PRACTITIONER, certifying that you have the skills and experience to open and practice in your own YinYang Needling clinic.

The YinYang Needling School is NOT a Registered Training Organisation. 

This gives us the freedom to teach you how to treat, without you having to learn a whole lot of bloated material to satisfy some governing body, who are NOT an authority on how to treat using YinYang Needling. 

Plus, we do not have to pay any fees that a normal RTO would be required to pay, which are then passed on to you, the student.

Career Opportunities

Our little school has been training people in YinYang Medicines for over 30 years... Many of whom have gone on to treat more than 20,000 patients. 

Set-up your own Home-Clinic 
YinYang Needling is a great course for anyone interested in becoming a professional natural therapist. Here is an exciting opportunity for you to create an additional income stream, or to become fully self-employed as a practitioner of YinYang Medicine, running your own successful clinic.

Course Cost

So how much does the course cost?

The YinYang Needling Course is valued at:  USD $16,000 (AUD $24,000)

As of 2020, the course is in Beta-1 Stage

The Beta-1 Stage provides you with full access to the entire course for only:
USD $5,000 (AUD $7,645) which is a 65% Discount

Beta-2 Stage (~Early/Mid 2020) USD$7,000  approx. AUD$10,875 
Beta-3 Stage (~Late  2020) USD$10,000  approx. AUD$14,600
Offical Release (~Mid 2021) USD$16,000  approx. AUD$24,000

NOTE:  All students who join during any of the Beta-Stages will be given an additional 15 months of access to the course upon its official release.

How to Join...

For more information on how to join during our Beta-1 Stage

and get the 65% Discount

Send an email to:


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...and we will send you more information on the course
and HOW to JOIN

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