Practitioner Course

Learn the ancient art


“It’s not hard. You learn quick. The information is relevant. It’s not padded out.

Arthur’s knowledge on the subject is extensive, it shows that he has 30 years experience. His analogies make it easy to understand. The atmosphere he creates is a fun easy light way to learn. He wants you to understand.  It’s not just a job pumping out information.”

-Dave. A (Brisbane)

“I see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of bringing back an very old ancient practice in this world.  I love people and I love helping people, and this course inspires me to make what I love doing into my career.”

-Jahlissa. O (Netherlands)

“The main benefit for attending the course so far has been the improvement of my marriage sharing an adventure into our future.”

-Sandy. M (Brisbane)

“Arthur is an interesting guy.  He is like a tree with all different branches of knowledge that come out

and it is from life experiences not just books.”

-Malcolm. M (Brisbane)

“Nobody ever looks bored in Arthur’s classes.  He’s an exceptionally skilled teacher.  The Vsee set up is run very professionally and I don’t think anyone learning via Vsee would be at a disadvantage.  Especially if they can attend the intensive workshop in the middle of the course.”

-Gabe. P (Byron Bay)

“It is possible to learn with Arthur from anywhere in the world.  I am learning through Vsee from Bali, Indonesia.  The way he teaches the program he provides you with the confidence, step by step, to know you can do what he teaches.

I am so pleased I was directed to this track on my life journey.  I’ve never learned so easily from any teacher I’ve ever had. No matter how old you are, here you have the chance to change your world through helping others and yourself to be better connected to your body and world around you.”

-Clair. M (Bali Indonesia)




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